I wonder if there are english speaking people reading my blog and if it would be helpful for you if I would be writing bilingual… please let me know. either by mail or in writing a comment.

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  1. […] I am blogging for quite a while now. During this period I have been blogging blingual for some time until I raised a Question if there were any readers who would find it helpful that I am posting bilingual. The question arose out of the challenge it meant to me to write each post more or less two times – one in German – and one in English… Although there have been responses of people who liked the bilingual blogging I started to use google-translation. […]

  2. […] Nachdem an dieser Stelle seit Juni 2005 keine zweisprachigen Einträge mehr erschienen sind, [depone] jedoch auch an der globalen Diskussion mit Emerging Church teilnimmt, gibt es ab heute ein weiteres [depone]-Blog: [depone | global]. […]

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