Allow other people to design

»For a start, if we were to have a visual identity at all, and this is debateable, I would explore bottom-up, self-organizing methods to achieve it. The identity would be driven from the pulse of the group. Hence the group’s practices and rhythms would build it, the aesthetic and implementation would appear from below and would not be imposed from above. Ants, termites and wasps build very complex structures from simple, rule-based, repetitive action — why not a church? Design energies would be focused on creating systems that allow other people to design. It’s subtle reorganization of the design matrix.

To require this to happen, it’s obviously a method that the whole group would have to agree upon — hence there needs to be transparency and clear communication. also the group needs to be very flat — a collective and not an agency, a network not a hierarchy.«

Nic Hughes in Curating Worship, Page 99.

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