Refuse to Sign Up for the Clash of Civilizations

»We must refuse to sign up for the clash of civilizations that both the Islamist terrorists and the Western far right have in mind, and cling to our principles: liberty, equality, brother-and-sisterhood, dignity, and universal human rights.«

@ElhamManea shared a thought provoking article by Karima Bennoune, written one week after the horrible attacks in Paris. In this article she states the urge to refuse to sign up for the clash of civilizations and stand together to fight for civilization. She shares six ideas how that could be made possible.

»To honor those who have stood up to fundamentalism, and those who have fallen to it – from Algiers to Paris and beyond – defenders of human rights and humanism have to carefully consider our strategy in the days ahead. Here are six ideas we must remember.«

  1. Denounce communitarian analysis
  2. Defend secularism
  3. Reject victim-blaming
  4. Pursue a comprehensive anti-terror strategy
  5. Fight real discrimination but do not thwart essential critical debate
  6. Stand together to face this truly grave threat

»No one can win a clash of civilizations. But we can all win if we stand together to fight for civilization.«

Read the whole article here: Karima Bennoune, One Week After the Charlie Hebdo Attack: Refuse to Sign Up for the Clash of Civilizations, Huffington Post.

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